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Ego - Forces of Mediocrity Pt. 4

Feb 15, 2022

by Melody Stacy


We should take our jobs seriously while not taking ourselves too seriously. 

Great leaders understand the dynamics of this delicate and essential balance, seeking daily to make the focus of the work WE rather than ME.

In The Art of Possibility, Rosamund and Ben Zander refer to not taking ourselves too seriously as Rule #6. Consistently reminding ourselves that it’s not about us, opens up a world of possibilities.

As we continue our series on forces of mediocrity, those strong inertias that try to pull us back to the status quo and away from greatness, let’s take a look at how ego can get in our way. (check out part 1part 2, or part 3)

Outcome over ego 

When we are connected to and consumed with our larger purpose, we diminish any propensity to feed our ego.

Checking our egos at the door ensures we also check judgmental forces that might lead to defensiveness, blame, and shame.

This shift changes "I have a good idea," to "Who has the best idea?"

The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal. - Pema Chödrön

Caesar Augustus referred to himself as Rome's primus inter pares or first among equals.

A leadership mindset that embodies this kind of humility, openness, and putting outcome first is a mindset that invites engagement and others' best contributions. This outcome-centered, rather than ego-centered, leadership amplifies a team's success.

Leaders who see themselves as first among equals, lead teams who are remarkable among average.


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