We’ve found that most education leaders have beautiful uphill dreams and intentions. Unfortunately, they usually have downhill habits.

With our leadership systems, you can lead authentically and spend your time doing what matters most.

And as an extra bonus, you can go home and feel truly present!

We know you have a pretty clear whyOur courses, presentations, and leadership blueprints offer you the how too! 


Life is too short. Be true to yourself.


Clarity precedes competence.


Manage hard to lead easy.




And the price of being inauthentic is simply too high. 

Unfortunately, many education leaders don't know how to lead true to themselves and become exhausted trying to play a role one minute and switch to a completely different persona the next. 

It took time and a lot of trial and error learning, but we both got to a place where we could lead authentically.






Fast-forward many years later ...

We created Warm Demanders to help a new wave of leaders embrace their belief in joyful accountability and avoid a trip to the School of Hard Knocks

We’ll help you eliminate the overwhelm and guesswork out of leadership so you and your team can grow.

Imagine yourself with more time for conversations, leading impactful meetings, and feeling like you're the same person at home, with friends, and at work. 



"Thank you for sharing your thoughtful wisdom and expertise, Melody! Your schools were so blessed to have your leadership!"

Telena - Superintendent

"Aubrey has an incredible charisma that is distinctly humble and warm, yet still markedly confident and adept. He demonstrates pure joy and deep thought in everything he does."

Jackie Bender - Dean of University Studies


Our team of experienced school and district leaders have many characteristics and experiences in common, but there's one key problem that kept coming up when we'd end up together. (Like-minded people tend to find each other when they're stuck as a captive audience! 😉)

We all struggled with the traditional expectations for school and district administrators. You know ... the paradigm that admin need to be transactional or authoritarian. 

That's simply not who we are and we're all proud to be outliers in this regard. 

One day, Melody suggested that we do something remarkable for people like us to try help people like you - leaders who believe in being kind, respectful, and calm, while also pushing themselves and others to be the best they can be. 

And now we've found each other.

I hope you'll feel welcome and share these beliefs and warm vibes with your people.☀️

Aubrey Patterson, CEO and Chief Headache Remover, Warm Demanders Inc