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Aubrey offers a roadmap to solve 5 very common problems in these popular sessions : 

1. Time Block Your Priorities and Create a Weekly Finish Line

2. Lead Impactful Meetings with a Bring Forward System and Google Sheets Agendas

3. Elegant Simplicity: Build Exceptional Clarity With 4 High-Impact Docs

4. Build a Remarkable 1:1 Meeting System

5. Increase Your Productivity & Eliminate the Angst of Being Overwhelmed!

* We often customize sessions into a series or a workshop. 

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Removing obstacles   

is always impactful PD!

How many of these can you relate to?

‚úė¬†¬†we have a lot of great ideas, but they don't seem to turn into action.

‚úė¬†¬†our calendars are¬†full¬†of meetings and tasks but not our priorities.

‚úė¬†¬†our meetings are blah and don't tend to be all that productive.

‚úė¬†¬†we keep getting the same questions over and over again.

‚úė¬†¬†there's more and more stuff¬†coming our way and slowing us down!

Warm, practical, and immediately doable. 

Strategies every education leader will love!

The post-pandemic PD market is flooded with new twists on the same old content and personality-driven hype. 

Is a new creative acronym or rah-rah session without concrete strategies really going to move your team forward? 

In Warm Demanders, we don't send leaders anywhere we haven't gone ourselves. Everything you see and hear in a presentation has been and is used by Aubrey as principal, director, and superintendent.

Each session is designed with one leader in mind - a warm, calm, and authentic giver. 


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Whether you book Aubrey to speak or work with us on an ongoing project, you can count on us to over-deliver!

We always provide a menu of courses and resources, customized for you and your team.

Depending on your needs, we might also include your logo, colors, and a welcome video from your team leader!

Click the pics below to see 3 different styles from Superintendent Telena, Principal John, and last year's SpringCUE conference. 


Licking R-VIII Leadership Team

Courses and resources for the district leadership team .

ACE Charter High School

A "PD like Netflix" menu for the staff of ACE. Everything at their fingertips!

Spring CUE '23

On-demand courses and resources for CUE participants!

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‚áĘ Wow them with your first staff meeting and prepare 12 months of agendas.

‚áĘ Stop burning mental calories on your how so you can stay focused on your why

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