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Talented educators often accept demanding positions without ever learning how to ...

⇢ manage day-to-day stuff,

⇢ lead impactful meetings, 

⇢ and grow a remarkable culture.

You can learn and do all of this and stay true to yourself. 

Not growing is risky!

A lack of practical learning and leadership skills can be costly…

✘  You won’t get that next exciting opportunity

✘  Your team will lose confidence in you

✘  You’ll keep feeling imposter syndrome

✘  You’ll wonder if you’re reaching your potential

✘  You’ll keep wondering which path leads to more success

The right fit for you!


The post-pandemic education market is flooded with online courses and personality-driven hype. 

Everything we research, apply, and put together has one person in mind - a giver who is wired to be a warm demander leader and tries to be the same person in all parts of life. 

We recommend that you learn with and from leaders who've been in the trenches and are wired to be compassionate, constructive, and courageous.

People who are authentically warm and believe in accountability.

Leaders like you.

Individual Courses 

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⇢ Lessons and resources are delivered immediately.

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Andrea Chavez-Kopp - Chief Learning Officer

Warm Demanders always inspires and energizes my thinking while adding practical tools and systems that just make sense!

Robin Dubiel - Instruction and Learning Consultant

What a great choice for professional learning - and so, so timely! My heart and mind thank you!

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School & District Administrators

The bootcamp can only be accessed as part of our membership. 

The Leadership Bootcamp

Our signature leadership course for school and district administrators. 

Just like good planning is a prerequisite to good teaching, a few weeks invested in preparing will keep you from spending 12 months repairing.

Hit the ground running with a toolkit filled with planning tools, leadership strategies, and ready-to-use resources.

Introductory pricing includes multiple bonuses to August 31. Learn more by clicking the course card. 

For new and experienced educational leaders!

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The Remarkable Administrative Professional

School offices are filled with highly skilled people who are often forced to learn in the School of Hard Knocks.

Stop feeling like you might be missing something and build amazing systems.

Filled with templates to save you time!

Admin, admin assistants, & secretaries!

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Tech Timesavers

Did you know that saving 1 minute a day adds up to over 6 hours in a year?

Most people we work with regain 10-20 minutes a day and we've curated all of our most popular video tips for you.

Designed for Admin, but 100% for everyone!

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Make Your School Remarkable! 

Every effective principal knows culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Learn impactful strategies in 6 weekly lessons designed to help you surface and nurture the genius of your people!

Ideal for school and district administrators!

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Reshaping Your Staff Meeting

This fun series from Rushton Hurley is designed to help school leaders inspire and be inspired in their staff meetings!

Surface, nurture, and inspire stories of success and build a culture of exploration.

For all educators!

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Mindfulness for Leaders

Self-care. Take care of yourself before you can help others.

Easily said and sadly cliché. So what can we actually do during the day to calm our busy heads and make this happen?!

5-15 minute practices for everyone!

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Telling the Stories of Your School

The chances are stellar that something good happens somewhere on campus every day a child shows up.

Unfortunately, the chances are also good that these moments don't get shared.

For all educators!

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Free to educators

Getting Your Dream Position!

Landing your next job is stressful.

Maybe you’ve googled some interview tips and prepared your perfect answers? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to stand out and get your dream position.

For educators wanting a new position!

FREE to June 30!



The Highly Effective Math Teacher

Teachers often feel under-equipped when trying to be inspirational, impactful, and meet the diverse needs of their students.

Gain tips and strategies that you can use immediately to help ALL students achieve!

For Math teachers and coaches!

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Teaching Executive Functions

Executive functions are an essential fundamental skillset. 

Go beyond helping students organize their days and learning. with goal-setting, planning, reflection, and organization.

For all educators!

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FREE to educators!

ChatGPT: A Boom or Our Doom?

What if you could get a tech tool to create a lesson plan, or generate a letter to your students' parents?

What if that same tool could be used by students for their assignments? 

Explore the possibilities of ChatGPT!

FREE to June 30!


Little Things Make You Better

Lessons on rapport, communication, instruction, professionalism, and building relationships with parents.

On top of the fantastic content, learning with Rushton is inspiring and a lot of fun!

Ideal for all educators!

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The Highly Effective New Teacher

Highly practical and engaging lessons designed specifically to help new teachers thrive in their first few years.

Get started on the right foot or use these lessons to get back on track!

12 lessons from Alex Kajitani!

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When Parents Bully the School

Adult bullies require skillful communications and clear expectations.

Bullying expert and NYT best-selling author Jodee Blanco will help you work collaboratively with a challenging parent.

For all educators!

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The Warm Demanders Membership


Over $1200 value!

Founding Members - Save $200

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  • The Leadership Bootcamp (Value = $697)
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  • Remarkable Administrative Professional for your office! (Value = $250)
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  • weekly emails with communication, clarity, technology, and mindset tips
Shannon Hahn - Principal

My biggest worries lately have been around 'how will I be able to get everything done!' I lay awake at night thinking about all of the things that I have to get done the next day. These courses are exactly what I need right now as I examine system and school priorities and what my next steps can be.

Telena Haneline - Superintendent

Learning from the Warm Demanders community and engaging in the coursework has been a catalyst to my journey as a school leader. So many of my day-to-day decisions and relationships have been positively influenced by Warm Demanders' lessons and resources!

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The Leadership Bootcamp


⇢ Build incredible systems.  

⇢ Create exceptional habits and systems so that you can hit the ground running. 

⇢ Wow them with your first staff meeting and prepare 12 months of agendas.

⇢ Stop burning mental calories on your how so you can stay focused on your why

Founding Members!

This is the first year we are offering our new all-inclusive Warm Demanders Membership. 

We've included a lot of lessons and plenty of extras, but know we will add items as we answer questions from participants. 😊

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