Compliance - Forces of Mediocrity Pt. 3

constructive meetings Feb 07, 2022

by Melody Stacy


“That’s not my job.”

“Don’t blame me. I’m just doing what they told me to do.”

These sentiments indicate a lack of ownership and a culture of compliance.

As we continue our series on forces of mediocrity, those strong inertias that try to pull us back to the status quo just as we are seeking greatness, let’s take a look at compliance and how, instead, we can build a culture of commitment. (check out part 1 and part 2)

Commitment outlasts compliance

Giving orders and expecting others to simply follow those orders is one of our quickest on-ramps to mediocrity.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness

- William H. Murray

Building commitment, on the other hand, allows for growth, freedom, and creativity. It invites contribution and empowers people to take initiative.

How can we fend off compliance as a force of mediocrity?

Try this quick compliancy check:

🤔 Do our current systems and processes allow for choice? Or do they rely on forced mandates?

🤔 Is there a foundation of we got you and clarity in our goals and expectations? Not only does clarity precede competence, but clarity also breeds commitment.

A powerful culture-building loop

Compliance without commitment will never lead to anything remarkable. 

Excellence invites contribution and inspires commitment. When we feed this commitment, even more excellence will follow and create a strong loop to surround and protect us from the forces of mediocrity.



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