Reshaping Your Staff Meeting 

build a positive culture of exploration

foster and share stories of success

use your time to inspire your team




Reshaping Your Staff Meeting

Inspire and be inspired in engaging and dynamic meetings.


✓ get started with the tools you already have,

✓ capture and share stories of your school's successes, and

✓ build an enjoyable culture of exploration for everyone!


Getting Your 

Dream Position

6 lessons to help you to prepare your application, stand out in your interview, and communicate as a true professional!





Timely school leadership lessons at your fingertips!


1. Setting the Tone: Starting a meeting with the team focused on positives.

2. PR & Positivity: Gathering stories and strengthening the positive atmosphere.

3. Stories of Inspiration: Ideas from beyond the campus to spark creative discussions.

4. Time to Explore: Working together to actively explore possibilities for learning.

5. Wrapping Up: Tweaking the model and seeking new ideas. 

It's exciting to think about a dream position, until we say "hello" to overthinking and imposter syndrome ...


😓 The last thing I need is more stuff to do!

😓 Thinking about another interview makes me cringe!

😓 Everyone will apply for this position ... so how can I possibly stand out!?


Inspire and be inspired!

5 lessons with Rushton Hurley to gather ideas and plan activities that can help inspire everyone on campus.


Reshaping Your Staff Meeting


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💥 Making Your School Remarkable!             💥 Mindfulness for Leaders                           💥 Leading Impactful Meetings 

💥 Getting Your Dream Position!                   💥 Leading as a Warm Demander                 💥 Teaching Executive Functions       

💥 Reshaping Your Staff Meeting                 💥 Little Things Make You Better                   💥 Tech Timesavers         

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Are you a school or district leader who'd love a great blend of productivity, mindset, and culture building strategies?

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