Dealing with a bullying parent is hard! 


Sadly, every educator has experienced a parent who can completely upset the entire school. 


This is one of the most common frustrations we hear from thousands of warm demanding educators like you.


And why we sought out New York Times best-selling author Jodee Blanco and excitedly put her very popular keynote presentation into this 6-lesson course, 


When Parents Bully the School!


Think about the last time you encountered a frustrated, angry parent, unwilling to listen, who started bullying the school.


πŸ”† Did you become defensive and had to bite your tongue to avoid making things worse?

πŸ”† Was it nearly impossible to calm them down or get them to behave reasonably?

It can feel as if you're alone when you find yourself in what feels like an impossible never-ending negative feedback loop.  

But you're not alone. 

Jodee will give you tools to be better prepared, remain calm, and possibly even transform that challenging parent into a long-term productive partner. 



Find Your Center

Ground yourself with a technique used by method actors to access emotions on cue

Identify 5 Types of Bully Adults 

Better understand perspectives and forge more successful long-term partnerships

De-Escalate Immediate Situations

Respond to your most difficult situations, with calm, clear, and compassionate actions

When Parents Bully the School 

Course Outline


Lesson One: 3-Step Technique for Finding Your Center

Lesson Two: 3 Tenets of Emotional Credibility in Communication

Lesson Three: 6-Step Intervention for Dealing with a Bullying Parent

Lesson Four: Documentation and Follow-Up

Lesson Five: The 5 Different Types of Bullying Parents

Lesson Six: How to Handle Parents Behaving Badly on Social Media 

πŸ’₯ Bonus: How to Transform the Challenging Parent into a Long-Term Productive Partner





Hi, I’m Jodee

It's good to meet you!

I'm the author of numerous books, including the seminal New York Times bestseller, Please Stop Laughing at Me ... which established me as anti-bullying’s first voice.

I'm humbled and honored to be considered one of education’s most trusted experts on bullying, and I've presented to thousands of students, teachers, and parents. A lot of administrators regularly attend my professional development sessions and implement my anti-bullying program in their schools. 

In addition to my memoir, I've written multiple other successful books and a series of critically acclaimed white papers on bullying. The media use me regularly as a resource and my work has been featured in major print and broadcast outlets in the U.S. and Internationally. 

My anti-bullying program INJJA (It’s NOT Just Joking Around!), which consists of live presentations, extensive professional development, and a comprehensive curriculum, incorporates the matrix of students, educators, and parents and offers a realistic, practical plan of action for saving lives.

Prior to my work as an anti-bullying activist, I owned a public relations firm that often took on challenging individuals and projects that other firms shied away from. Those experiences helped me to hone an intuitive approach to crisis management and enlightened communication practices that I've adapted to empower schools and school administrators. I've also taught communications and PR at NYU and the University of Chicago. 

For more info, you can connect with me at or via Twitter where I'm @realjodeeblanco

There's a backstory behind When Parents Bully the School 


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When Parents Bully the School

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Jodee is a survivor-turned-activist, expert, and speaker.


And you can learn more about her live presentations, watch a bazillion major news outlet clips, and view her books on her site!

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