Every great school relies on teachers who lead without positional authority ...


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The Remarkable Teacher Leader! 

There's an assumption that because a teachers are magical with kids, leading  adults will be easy.


Ummm ... really?!?!  🤔


Learn how to ...


✔︎ manage priorities,

✔︎ lead meetings, and

✔︎  nurture leadership in everyone you serve!


We've put together a blueprint for you,

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Hope and Inspiration

Nurture a hopeful pathway and inspire meaning in yourself and others.


Humility and Generosity

Be honest about your strengths and share of yourself generously. 

Elevated Relationships

Build a foundation of trust on pillars of clarity, transparency, and vulnerability.

6 weeks to grow your teacher-leader toolkit! 

Step 1: Register for the course that drips lessons every 7 days. 

Step 2: Watch your first lesson video with Melody and Danielle and grab any downloads. 

Step 3: Take a week to digest your learning. 

Step 4Repeat 5 times and start making a bigger dent in your universe! 🌎💫



Course Outline

Video lessons drip into your library weekly and are aligned with the Warm Demander core characteristics of compassion, constructive, and courageous leadership. 


🔆 Week 1: Being a Compassionate Leader- Part 1

🔆 Week 2: Being a Compassionate Leader- Part 2

🔆 Week 3: Being a Constructive Leader- Part 1

🔆 Week 4: Being a Constructive Leader- Part 2

🔆 Week 5: Being a Courageous Leader- Part 1

🔆 Week 6: Being a Courageous Leader- Part 2 




Meet Melody and Danielle, your very warm instructors! 



👋🏼 Hi, I’m Danielle!


My passion for education lies in developing a personalized learning environment for every child and staff member. And I love all the 1:1 coaching I do in Warm Demanders! I'm currently coaching mostly district leaders to add exceptional systems, processes, and technology tools to their leadership toolkit.

I'm one of the co-founders and Chief Learning Officer with Warm Demanders and I serve the Pewaukee School District as Chief Academic Officer. 

I received my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and my Ph.D. through Cardinal Stritch University. I love building systems! My recent experience includes a huge focus on K-12 personalized learning, the development of graduate profiles, personalized professional development, and standards-based grading implementation.

And ... I ❤️ every opportunity to work. with teacher leaders! 

👋🏼 And I’m Melody!


I love everything about education and leadership and have been geeking out about how to create excellence in schools for over 25 years.

I'm a former math teacher, curriculum specialist, and assistant principal, and principal (aka Believer-in-Chief, Chief Storyteller, Head Culture Creator, and Chief Energy Officer).  Currently, I'm one of the co-founders and Chief Experience Officer of Warm Demanders and the Chief Learning Officer for the Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services.

On top of being geeky about school leadership, I LOVE digital tools that amplify school culture and student success. Ultimately, I want to capture and inspire the greatness in others and have an unshakeable belief that education is the great equalizer.

Oh ... and I'm always ready to shake up the status quo to be remarkable for teachers. 😉 

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The Remarkable Teacher Leader  

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Are you a school or district leader who'd love a great blend of productivity, mindset, and culture building strategies?

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Perfect for new or experienced leaders!

Are you a school or district leader who'd love a great blend of productivity, mindset, and culture building strategies?

Warm University courses are designed to accelerate your learning whenever it fits into your busy schedule.