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Every effective principal knows culture eats strategy for breakfast.



Learn impactful strategies in 6 weekly video lessons designed to help you surface and nurture the genius of your people!


  Making Your School Remarkable!


Forever searching for new ways to lead like you dreamed when you accepted your school leadership position?



Would you like new high-impact strategies (and downloads!) that have actually been used over and over again in a school that built a culture of shared leadership?


How can we ensure our mission, vision, and values aren't just pretty documents that are stuck up on the wall somewhere?

✔️ Of course, we all want to live out our core beliefs, so we'll show you some concrete ways to stay integrity with them and you can ensure your school's walk matches your talk! 


Being the head cheerleader for your school is necessary, but can be exhausting. How can we create a culture where others take the lead in celebrating our remarkable stories?

✔️ There's huge power in storytelling! Helping everyone to tell their story and understand how it ties to the main pillars and fabric of the school is an often overlooked and critical skill for warm demanding school leaders.

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How do you provide focus in a profession filled with complexity and uncertainty?




Does everyone who walks through the doors of your school know they belong? And why?



Do you know actualize and live out a strong vision, mission, core values, and goals?

6 weeks to expand your school leadership toolkit!


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Course Outline

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🔆 Week 1: Belonging

🔆 Week 2: Building and Nurturing the Pillars

🔆 Week 3: Challenging Traditional Frameworks

🔆 Week 4: From Chaos to Clarity

🔆 Week 5: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

🔆 Week 6: Make Your Culture Visible


👋🏼 Hi, I’m Melody!


I'm passionate about education and leadership and have been geeking out about how to create excellence in schools for over 25 years.

I'm a former math teacher, curriculum specialist, and assistant principal, and principal (aka Believer-in-Chief, Chief Storyteller, Head Culture Creator, and Chief Energy Officer).  Currently, I'm one of the co-founders and Chief Experience Officer of Warm Demanders and the Chief Learning Officer for the Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services.

On top of being geeky about school leadership, I LOVE digital tools that amplify school culture and student success. Ultimately, I want to capture and inspire the greatness in others and have an unshakeable belief that education is the great equalizer.

Oh ... and I'm always ready to shake up the status quo to be remarkable for students and teachers.😉 

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Trisha, Superintendent

I really like the compass point activity. As someone who is trained in Clifton Strengths Finder, I love learning more about the people I serve and lead. Not only does this help us get to know each other (build relationships, gain insight, get to know one another better), it also allows us to better understand what people need and how to reach potential. All of this builds culture, provides clarity, and allows us to be strategic. Love it!

Telena, Instructional Coach

I love the idea of “everyone in the building is a leader.”  As the people who abide within the walls of our school buildings who are witnesses to all of the amazing things happening, we all have so much influential power to be ambassadors of the positive when we are out in the community. Making sure we “remark” about all the “remarkable” purple cows when we have opportunities will make our positives loud! 😊

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