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What is Your Team Saying to Those Closest to Them?

Dec 06, 2021

by Melody Stacy


What do conversations at holiday family gatherings have to do with our school cultures? And how do they inform us as leaders?

Imagine any number of these exchanges. What do you hear?

Adoration of the youngest, questions about the health of the oldest, updates on recent relationships, and hobbies are sure to be on the greatest hits.

And inevitably comes the question, "So how is your work going?"

Full stop.

Because the answer that follows matters. And it matters a great deal to those of us leading.

What your team is saying to those closest to them is the true test of your culture.

You might be thinking, "But I'm not at those events. How do I know what they're saying?"

If we listen closely, we'll hear.

Are our team members saying things like this?

💬 Gosh, my work is difficult, but my team is energetic and supportive. And I love working alongside them!

💬 My principal sure does expect a lot, but you know what? I feel valued and I know she believes in me?

💬 We have important work to do, but we sure do have fun doing it.

How do we listen?

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. And we can hear via the energy, attitudes, and actions of our staff.

As warm demanders, we need to listen to these actions and use what we learn to gauge and nurture the very culture that will have our team sharing all of this awesomeness.

Even at their family gatherings.


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