Timing Matters

constructive time blocking

by Aubrey Patterson


Not all moments are equal.

By preparing ourselves and truly tuning in to what the world is saying, we can take advantage of timing.

Many don’t account for time; they believe they will always have the opportunity to achieve their goals. 

This simply isn't true.

Our people, environment, and team cultures are forever evolving.

Our goals don’t wait around until we can find a more convenient time. They are available only for a small snapshot of time before disappearing in an abyss of I should have’s.

Chapter Breaks

A slight delay in the timing of our actions could be the difference between an overwhelming success or an unremarkable result.

Such lessons are perhaps best illustrated by social media. As a new platform gains traction, there is a much greater opportunity to carve out space before others even create a profile.

Similar opportunities that are much less obvious are always available if we are attuned to our context and choose to get in the game.

The best books always present risk or excitement that leads the reader to turn the page. 

Dreams, Vision, Goals, and Timing

Some chapters have more struggles than others.

Dreams are wonderful. Compelling visions are powerful. Goals are important.

We can do what’s easy and life can be hard, or we can choose to do the hard work now and make life easier for our future selves.

The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.

- Tony Robbins

The best opportunities often come at the most inopportune times.

Timing matters.




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