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The Bee Hive Mentality

Apr 12, 2022

by Aubrey Patterson


In 1965, the founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, predicted that computer chips would exponentially increase in power while decreasing in size. This became known as Moore's Law and has been proven correct over the past 50 years. 

It isn't much of a stretch to extrapolate that an increase in the speed and convenience of computing has led to a corresponding escalation in the amount of information coming at us each day. 

So how can we keep up with the dizzying growth of information received and the multitude of channels that deliver new inputs seemingly by the minute? 

Predictability is desirable, but being overwhelmed certainly is not.

There's no app for this

We all know someone who adopts every new productivity app and very convincingly attempts to gain fellow converts.

Though well-intentioned, these efforts rarely amount to much because increasing productivity and peace of mind doesn't happen simply by downloading an app.

When we're stacking, racking, or packing information, our mindset is far more important than the trendy new tool.

Technology certainly can increase our speed and volume, but do we really need more and faster?

You're not a bee

Successful leaders know how to turn all that stuff coming at them into information. 

We're not wired for bouncing around from one thought to another.

Most of us are linear thinkers. It's a challenge to operate with a sequential brain in an increasingly parallel world.

Our best solution is to create an if this, then that algorithmic internal operating system that can handle predictable growth.

If you are too busy to build good systems, then you will always be too busy. – Brian Logue

A bee doesn't have a computer or a smart phone pinging every few minutes and the workflow for making honey hasn't changed much through the years.

We really need to get out of the hive.



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