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Staying True to Your Dreams

Sep 04, 2021

by Aubrey Patterson


Are you chasing someone else's dream?

Perhaps you're fighting your battles while wearing that person's armour?

Stay true to your dreams

Our first dreams are almost always somebody else’s. This is a natural by-product of having loving parents and teachers, of course.

But unfortunately, aspiring to someone else's dreams can become a lifelong habit.

And all too often, along with the dreams, we take on the limitations others have imposed upon themselves.

These same well-intentioned people in our lives might offer up pathways to dreams that simply don't resonate with us and helpfully ask, "what's holding you back?"

Perhaps it's good that something is holding us back.

We just know deep down this isn't my dream.

The key to unleashing our genius lies in the goals that we pursue. The more our goals align with our dreams, the greater joyful accountability we'll experience in our personal and professional lives.

Oh, and it's professional growth plan season ...

This year and always, stay true to your dreams.


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