Our Internal Operating System

constructive Aug 22, 2022

by Aubrey Patterson


Do you ever just wish for a day during which nothing happens?

Of course you do! We all need a slow day now and then.

However, impactful leaders are generally excited by change and don't ascribe to a no news is good news mindset.

Impactful Leaders Choose an Open Mind

Having an open mind is certainly a necessary attribute if we'd like to leave a positive wake. That same receptive and thoughtful mindset can feel like a curse when an exciting idea or great opportunity feels too big to fit into our available time. 

When opportunity comes, it's too late to prepare. (John Wooden)

Most effective leaders have an open mind and frequently find themselves too busy to act upon something that would lead them or their team to greater success. 

Fact #1: Many of our best ideas will come at the most inopportune times. 

 Fact #2: More and better opportunities find those who are prepared to both see them and take action. 

We shouldn't simply hope for opportunities to come at the right time. Rather, we should prepare to secure and nurture the ideas that might come at the worst times. 

Easier said than done.

Far too many talented and bright-eyed people are completely unaware that their infrastructure might be failing them. Like a computer, we all have an internal operating system and limited bandwidth to dedicate to capturing, storing, and taking action on new information. 

Your head is for having ideas, not holding them. (David Allen)

If we're frequently feeling overwhelmed or find ourselves closing off from the world, our best move is to start with reprogramming and optimizing our operating systems with new habits and algorithms that allow us to save our mental calories for being creative, communicating effectively, and seizing sudden opportunities.   

Slow news days are good, but only once in a while.

Consistently longing for quiet days should be viewed as a red flag telling us that we might need to change our internal operating systems.




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