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If people have to follow you, how do you know you’re a good leader?

Sep 27, 2021

by Aubrey Patterson


A few months ago, our team dove into deep thinking mode on a tough question:

If people have to follow you, how do you know you’re a good leader?

Like so many times before, we found our answer in the classroom.

Most impactful observations in a classroom aren't focused on the teacher, but the learners. The depth of learning obviously reflects upon the quality of the instruction.

And herein lies the answer to our question.

Leaders teach. They empower their people and surface individual genius until these followers grow as leaders.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. (John Quincy Adams)

When we build the leadership capacity and confidence of our people, we inevitably are given back the time to do our most impactful and joyous work.

A self-evaluation needn't begin with a long look in the mirror:

  • Are people leading more than they did before I arrived on the scene?

  • Is our staff excited about learning and leading?

  • Do I have time for conversations about individuals' dreams and the impactful work I love?

Whether or not people have to follow is irrelevant.

A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create. (Mahatma Gandhi)

So how do you know you are a good leader?

Simply cast your eyes upon those who you're leading.


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