Freeway Builders

Dec 28, 2021

by Aubrey Patterson


We sometimes come across people who want and very much need to build new habits, but worry about developing systems and routines that might stifle their creativity.

It's been our experience that the opposite is true; effective systems lead to us having the time, energy, and peace of mind to embrace a growth mindset.

Systems are like freeways

What we become is very often the result of what we do today.

Thus, our level of success is determined by daily actions. Success, doesn’t just suddenly happen and neither does failure. Each is a cumulative process. Every day is preparation for the next.

Our habits and routines matter.

Everything worthwhile in life — everything you want, everything you desire to achieve, everything you want to receive — is uphill. The problem is that most of us have uphill dreams but downhill habits.  John Maxwell

Although there's no firm distinction, we generally think of systems as encompassing multiple excellent habits and routines.

Effective systems are like freeways, getting us where we want to go a lot faster.

Habits and routines are the on-ramps. 

Remarkable leaders build freeways and on-ramps. 



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