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I Can Count on You!

Mar 29, 2022

by Aubrey Patterson


People expressing they can count on us is one of the best compliments we can ever receive.

Being dependable, reliable, and consistent are qualities that speak to our level of dedication.

When we are dedicated to anything or anyone, we become a credible person. 

Commitment, Consistency, and Credibility

It's certainly frustrating to deal with people who say they are making a commitment but refuse to offer a time frame. When there is no clarity regarding what will be done and when, there really is no commitment or reliability. 

Much more damaging is when team members consistently don't meet agreed upon deadlines and trust becomes an issue. 

Trust is the highest form of human motivation. - Dr. Stephen Covey

One Commitment at a Time

Credibility takes time. There aren't any shortcuts to developing it.

How we do one thing Is most often how we do everything. 

We gain the trust of others by making and living up to our agreements. We prove that we're reliable one day and one commitment at a time.

It can take a long time to build a relationship. But the reverse is true for destroying that same bond. That’s why we need to consistently live up to our word and never take the trust we've been given for granted. 

When we're clear on our commitments and reliable in the eyes of those we serve, we might even hear the beautiful phrase, I can count on you.



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