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Be a Manager AND a Leader.

Aug 21, 2021

by Aubrey Patterson


Whether you're a teacher, office assistant, or administrator, much of your most important work will never be noticed.

And that's the way it's supposed to be.

Be a manager and  a leader

You must have noticed that it's trendy to say, "be a leader, not a manager."

Before we dive into the critique, please know that we've said it too.

It's well-intended, but awfully short-sighted and misleading.

It's also unnecessary cheerleading.

The vast majority of our work is coaching education leaders and we've encountered ZERO people who don't want a great culture or to embrace growth mindset principles.

Most just can't find the time or support to make it happen.

I'd like to find ways to spend more time with my budget and email, and less time leading dynamic meetings and nurturing leadership. (said no one ever 😉)

We believe in Dr. Stephen Covey's axiom: manage things so you can lead people.

Management is foundational stuff. No one seems to care about verbal hugs, planting symbolic trees, and new team shirts if their timetable is weeks late, the building isn't clean, the copier is always broken, and the wrong texts were ordered. 

Yes, we've all known a great many exceptional managers that just aren't very effective leaders, but have you ever known a strong leader who wasn't also taking responsibility for managing too?  

Management is to a leadership position as planning is to teaching. It's foundational and very necessary. And like a job done well by an official in a sporting event, few notice the management or planning, when things are running smoothly. 

We should all strive to make our management predictable, clear, and nearly invisible.

All remarkable leaders have exceptional management systems. 

Management and leadership isn't a binary choice.

It's an if this-then that algorithm.

Be a manager and a leader. 



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