11 Mantras to Boost Your Courage


by Melody Stacy


Picture this.

You’re standing in frigid temperatures with wind gusts reaching 50 miles per hour, facing nothing but 930 miles of blinding white, snow-covered terrain. And the only company you have is the supply-filled sled that you’re pulling.

Seem impossible?

Everyone thought so before Colin O’Brady completed his 54-day adventure, the first unassisted solo trip across Antarctica, in 2018.

It always seems impossible until it's done. - Nelson Mandela

When asked, “How did you do it?” Colin, an endurance athlete, shares, "I would, without a doubt, say that the mental part is harder.”

He attributes his ability to keep the mental challenges at bay to his daily mantra, a trio of statements that helped him realize the best, most capable version of himself.

Each morning, he would repeat this refrain to himself.

You’re strong. You’re capable. You can do this.

Tell yourself a story that speaks into possibility.

Recently, we asked a question in our weekly #WarmDemanders Twitter chat that hit an especially strong chord with this remarkable crew.

Do you have a favorite self-talk phrase to boost your courage in tumultuous times?

The answers shared were so inspiring that we had to share.

11 mantras to boost your courage

Give me the strength for today. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow's not here yet and has enough worries of its own. - Adam Seaney

That which does NOT kill me ONLY makes me stronger. - Josh Tovar

Accept, embrace, transform. - Carla Meyrink

Citius! Altius! Fortius! Clarius! (Faster! Higher! Stronger! Clearer!) - Tom De Fazio

It's always the right time to keep learning and growing. - Jeremy Smith

How people treat me is their karma. How I treat those people is mine. - Peter Embleton

This may be tough. But I’m tougher. - Abe Rivera

Keep the main thing, the main thing. - Scott King, Ed.D.

Focus on the present (not the past) to help move forward to the future. - Chris Legleiter

Stay aligned to values. - Marcus Luther

You’ve got this. Just keep swimming. - Heather Rentz

We all tell ourselves a story. 

When we begin telling ourselves things like “You can do this,” we start realizing all we actually can do. 

We are capable of achieving greatness we never thought possible. And our dreams are impossible enough that surely they deserve all the positive energy we can throw their way.

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