Professional LEARNING

On-demand professional learning and resources for the leadership team of Licking R-VIII School District! 




On-demand professional learning and resources for the leadership team of Licking R-VIII School District! 





On-Demand Courses for Leaders

Specially designed for busy administrators and office professionals.

Watch a course or dive into a particular topic, whenever the time feels right to you - It's kind of like your Netflix for PD!

The Leadership Bootcamp

Our signature leadership course for school and district leaders who want to optimize their priority management, productivity, and peace of mind!

Just like good planning is a prerequisite to good teaching, a few weeks invested in preparing will keep you from spending 12 months repairing. 

Hit the ground running with a toolkit filled with planning tools, leadership strategies, and ready-to-use resources.

For new and experienced educational leaders!

The Remarkable Administrative Professional!

School offices are filled with highly-skilled people who are often forced to learn in the School of Hard Knocks.

You can stop feeling like you might be missing something with a few new strategies and impactful systems.

Includes multiple bonus lessons from The Leadership Bootcamp, tons of templates, and downloads!

Specially designed for office professionals!

Tech Timesavers

Did you know that saving 1 minute each day adds up to over 6 hours in a year? That's almost a full work day ... with 1 minute!

Most people we work with regain 10-20 minutes a day and we've curated all of our most popular video tips for you.

Built for admin, but ideal for everyone! 

Telling the Stories of Your School

The chances are stellar that something good happens somewhere on campus every day a child shows up.

Unfortunately, the chances are also good that these moments don't get shared.

For all educators who want to share a positive narrative!

Reshaping Your Staff Meeting

This fun series from Rushton Hurley is designed to help school leaders inspire and be inspired in their staff meetings!

Surface, nurture, and inspire stories of success and build a culture of exploration.

Doable and impactful staff meeting tips for administrators!

ChatGPT: A Boom or Our Doom?

What if you could get a tech tool to create a lesson plan, or generate a letter to your students' parents?

What if that same tool could be used by students for their assignments? 

Explore the possibilities of ChatGPT!