ChatGPT: A Boom or Our Doom?


Educators often feel all kinds of pressure when exploring the best learning opportunities for students. 

Suddenly, one of the most powerful technology tools ever to drop into education shows up ...

β‡’  Could I use this to generate excellent resources and write an amazing lesson plan? 😊

β‡’  Can I get it to generate a letter to my students' parents? πŸ€”

β‡’  Or maybe my students will use this tool to cheat on their assignments. Hmm. πŸ˜“


It's entirely possible to replace dread with hope and understand the fascinating (and ominous) possibilities of ChatGPT!  






A Boom or Our Doom?


Educators often feel all kinds of pressure, right?!


Suddenly, one of the most powerful technology tools ever to drop into education shows up and brings with it many new questions ...

β‡’  Could I use this to find excellent resources and write an amazing lesson plan? 😊

β‡’  Perhaps I can get it to generate a letter to my students' parents? πŸ€”

β‡’  Or maybe my students will use this tool to cheat on their assignments? πŸ˜“

It's entirely possible for you to ...


You can quickly 'be in the know' and better understand the fascinating and ominous possibilities of ChatGPT!  

Getting Your 

Dream Position

6 lessons to help you to prepare your application, stand out in your interview, and communicate as a true professional!







In a handful of 5-minute video lessons, you'll be well on your way to understanding and implementing the power of generative AI!



Lesson 1: ChatGPT and Cheating

Lesson 2: What ChatGPT Is

Lesson 3: ChatGPT for Teachers

Lesson 4: ChatGPT for Those Outside the Classroom

Lesson 5: ChatGPT for Class

Finishing Thoughts

It's exciting to think about a dream position, until we say "hello" to overthinking and imposter syndrome ...


πŸ˜“ The last thing I need is more stuff to do!

πŸ˜“ Thinking about another interview makes me cringe!

πŸ˜“ Everyone will apply for this position ... so how can I possibly stand out!?


I could more confidently use ChatGPT? Today?!

Yes ... you can and YOU WILL!

With so much coming at you each day, it may feel overwhelming to get started.

Rushton will quickly help you to explore, save time with professional tasks, and most importantly, improve your students' learning!

A few educators' thoughts in the course ...

β‡’  Thank you for this Free course! I was somewhat fearful when first hearing about ChatGPT, but now feel at ease on how we can do our best as educators to use it for positive outcomes in our student's learning. (Kristin)

β‡’ Thank you for inspiring me to explore and share ChatGPT with my collegues and students. This course was informative and practical. I would title it ChatGPT for Dummies. Thank you for using plain English. (Linda)

β‡’  Great course, Rushton. It definitely cleared up a few questions and misconceptions I had about the tool. And I literally LOL'd at the "Sincerely, your name". (Scott)


Chat GPT: A Boom or Our Doom?


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