Feel like there’s always something coming at you?


Worried you might be missing something?

Are you juggling a ton of email, agendas, and calendars?

Is this you?

Did you have to learn on the job and attend the School of Hard Knocks?

Is it rare for you to get the time or opportunity for impactful professional development?


Becoming is better than being!

We know ...

💫 that feeling of being alone, yet surrounded by people,

💫 how it feels to simultaneously play roles similar to air traffic controllers, customer service representatives, nurses, and psychologists … and all the while choosing a kind voice? 

💫 the importance of a growth mindset and that we all come to the table with different starting points and talents.

Learn new strategies and grab some fantastic templates whenever it fits into your schedule.

  1. Register for the course.
  2. Watch from your computer or our app.
  3. Adopt new tools, adapt the old, and stop feeling so much like an air traffic controller 24/7. 😉

Hit play when so many others are hitting pause!

Take a look inside the course ...

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Lori shares the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the School Secretary Blueprint course

Bri Blackie

Absolutely love the idea of time blocking. I’ve been using my google calendar more than ever lately and putting absolutely everything in there! Including blocking time off for myself. Personal and work related, time blocking is great for maintaining work life balance and keeping things running smoothly. Love love love!

Rhae-Ann Holoien

This time blocking idea has been a lifesaver the last two weeks since I started blocking time with myself.

I have also encouraged our Admin Assistants to block time as they go through this course. I can't wait to hear if they time-blocked their learning time. 

School Secretary Blueprint



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  • 15-minute FREE coaching calls
  • Option to add School Secretary Club for $97 annually

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A few more questions we've received ...

Wonderful Warm Demanders! 

This course is designed for school secretaries and admin assistants who want to declutter information noise, make leading more doable for administrators, and construct a dynamic organizational system. 

We also work with teams!


Email us if you'd like to work with us in person or Zoom.

Jackie Bender
Dean of University Transfer & Foundational Learning 

Lori is an organization and efficiency ninja. She attacks projects with a determination and tenacity and always strives for excellence in a way that is rare and motivating.

Jeremy Williams
Executive Principal

In a world becoming more complex by the second, working with Nohea, where our work begins with simplifying, is a welcome change. It's refreshing to work with people who believe in slowing down, getting clarity, and only then moving fast in a focused way.

Sheila Jurke

The perfect combination of mentorship and organization to set anyone up for success!  Collaborating with Lori and Aubrey will allow you to take your leadership and skills to a higher level and give you confidence to tackle the hard stuff. I can't recommend them enough!