Warm Demanders Essential Tips 


Chrome Colored Tabs 

Chrome Colored Tab Groupings

Have you ever just looked up at your browser’s search bar, and seen an enormous number of tabs? This can be pretty anxiety-inducing at times, especially when they’re not for the same thing–you might have ten tabs open for one project, and three tabs for another.

But you don’t want to close them, so what do you do?

Well, have you ever seen a Matryoshka doll, a.k.a a nesting doll? We’re going to color-code and organize your tabs in the same way. Ten tabs will seem like one, and your browser will be clutter-free.

Click the video to learn how to do this, and in no time you’ll be sharing it with everyone you know!  

AND don't forget to save your tabs from restarts and software updates with this next lesson! 

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