Get results with a coach!


Do you have a fierce desire to grow as a leader?

You'll love the quick and lasting wins, flexibility, and joyful accountability of 1:1 Coaching.

Get results with a coach!


Do you have a fierce desire to grow as a leader?

You'll love the quick and lasting wins, flexibility, and joyful accountability of 1:1 Coaching.

Why Coaching?



Unlike leadership training that follows a set progression, our coaching is 100% personalized to help you more quickly grow into the leader you want to become.

 Overcome a Plateau

If you’re already an experienced leader but feel like you’ve stalled out, a coach can fill the role of trusted confidante or devil's advocate and be just the spark you need.

 Gain Leadership Confidence

Confidence matters! If you don’t believe in yourself, why would your team members? 

 Strengthen Your Team

Our passion is surfacing individual's genius and building remarkable teams. We'll empower you with new strategies and work with you until they feel natural.

 Faster Progress

We've faced many of the same problems you encounter. We'll help you avoid learning by trial and error and accelerate your results.


The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Warm Demander Communities


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Our Coaches 

Dr. Danielle Bosanec

I'm a founding partner and Chief Learning Officer with Warm Demanders. I also serve the Pewaukee School District as Chief Academic Officer.

I love 1:1 coaching and coach district leaders to build exceptional systems and choose their most effective technology tools. I supervise all of Warm Demanders' coaching operations and certifications. I'd love to connect you with just the right coach or build a package to match your needs!

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Aubrey Patterson

I'm the CEO and a founding partner of Warm Demanders. 

I’ve been a teacher, basketball coach, counselor, elementary principal, high school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. I love coaching K-12, university, and corporate leaders. I get my classroom fix as an adjunct professor teaching university leadership and edtech courses.

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Joseph Clausi


I'm the CEO of The Travelling Principal and a leadership coach. I work in-person and online, coaching and consultation for principals, assistant principals, and teachers. I have over 20 years of experiences in secondary education, from an inner city high school in Brooklyn to a charter school in Ventura, California.

I help administrators will all kinds of situations, but I specialize in growing CTE schools, finding and reporting on grants, and building programming that engages those students that often feel disenfranchised. 

Mitch Weathers


I'm the CEO of Organized Binder and teacher leader trainer. I coach teachers and district leaders to implement programming and skills that support students with their Executive Functioning Skills.

I work with K-12 districts and schools, as well as colleges, homeschools, and individual families around the country and internationally.  I love supporting with teachers and administrators in any way I can to improve learning and increase student and parent engagement! 

Melody Stacy

I've been a high school teacher, assistant principal, and principal. I'm currently the Chief Academic Officer of NKCES. I'm also the Chief Experience Officer and founding partner with Warm Demanders. 

As a Certified Working Genius Facilitator, I've received hands-on training from the Table Group team and been equipped with the tools and resources to help school and district teams leverage Patrick Lencioni's Working Genius model.

Dr. Mike Stacy

I'm honored to be the superintendent at Beechwood Independent Schools in northern Kentucky. I've been an administrator at the building level (elementary, middle school, high school) and the district office for over 20 years.

Coaching principals and beginning superintendents is what I love most!

Check out how Mike can help you with our Superintendent Series!



Superintendent Series 

New or experienced ... being a superintendent can be pretty isolating and extremely challenging!

Save yourself time and explore new ways to approach age-old situations. 

These packages start at $697 for 3 personalized 1-hour sessions that fit into your schedule or we can customize a monthly or bi-weekly solution to meet your needs. 

New Superintendents!

Mike will help you hit the ground running and avoid learning by trial and error ...


Every beginning superintendent deserves a trusted guide help dodge and survive common first year pitfalls!

🔅 Why do some fail while others succeed?

🔅 It's not all about talent!

🔅 10 common first year mistakes.

🔅 Evaluate and learn before making major decisions.

🔅 Seek to understand before being understood. (Dr. Covey)

🔅 Choose a lead domino, line up a learning plan, and get some quick wins!


Begin your superintendent journey with a trusted co-pilot to avoid the turbulence and enjoy your flight, 🛬


and then ...


Marketing and Communications 101 ...

Have you ever felt like if your community understood your why, they wouldn’t be so harsh? 

🔅 Tell your story – if you don’t someone else will!

🔅 Get out in front to make larger topics seem much smaller.

🔅 Celebrating student and faculty achievements.

🔅 Share your why with your community.


Working with your Board ...

Are you and your team spending more time on Board members' to-do lists than you do on real and meaningful work?

🔅 Analyze what drives your board and how to use that in your favor.

🔅 Work through a board agenda, before and after the meeting.

🔅 Strategize for a big vote.

🔅 Effectively manage a meeting.


Effective strategies for a levy or tax increase ...

Are your buildings causing you problems, but you don’t know where to start with a levy or tax increase?

🔅 Telling your story.

🔅 Competitive facilities.

🔅 Safety first.

🔅 Time to go or live to fight another day – timing is everything!

Stop the firefighting with some strategic planning ...

Do you find you're always putting out fires and never really in control of your short and long term outcomes?

🔅 Developing a 3-year strategic plan.

🔅 1/3/5/7 year planning your operations.

🔅 Organizational charts with responsibilities and outcomes.

🔅 Presentation schedules and monitoring tools.


Climate coaching ...

Is your biggest problem your staff? Would you like to nourish the best of your team, and see a few people peacefully move on? 

🔅 Fighting negativity.

🔅 Establish a culture that attracts amazing people.

🔅 Coach people out of a building without the fight.

🔅 Identify resources to collect data on your culture.


Systems, priority management, and time ...

Playing too much whack-a-mole and never really in control of your day-to-day routines?

🔅 Manage your daily schedule and get control of your calendar.

🔅 Organize a high-performing front office.

🔅 Prioritize your goals.

🔅 Delegating and using the talents of your staff effectively.