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The Leadership Bootcamp

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  The Leadership Bootcamp

Built for all education leaders who want to optimize their priority management, productivity, and peace of mind!

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What leaders are saying:

I feel that time and efficiency have been gifted to me. Warm Demanders has allowed me to build my technology skills. The lessons that they teach me, I am able to pass to those whom I work with so everyone benefits. The process ensures that I can be a tour guide who works elbow-to-elbow with staff as we learn together.

Rhae-Ann Holoien - Superintendent

As the leader of a campus, I hope to build a professional environment where faculty and staff feel respected and connected and collaboration drives change and innovation. I've learned from Aubrey that those abstract goals can be achieved through systems. For example, a simple agenda spreadsheet can allow for scheduling a promising idea in a future faculty meeting and regular brief individual meetings with structure can both surface fresh ideas and allow space for folks to be heard. There’s so much to learn, and I’m excited to connect impactful management tools to the leadership qualities I want to grow!

Rommel Loria - Assistant Head of School

💯 percent worth your time! 🕰️ Warm Demanders courses and content are time-saving and meaningful. Unlike some PD in the education world, this content is curated to be efficient and effective to promote your professional growth. HIGHLY recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Telena Haneline - Superintendent

The results you crave can only be produced by highly skilled and expertly supported staff, across the board and at every level. When all staff can access the information and support they need to be great at their jobs, culture improves and your results will become a true reflection of your leadership. This is Warm Demanders!

Lori Villanueva - Superintendent