About Warm Demanders

What is a Warm Demander Leader?
Warm demander is a label most often applied to a teacher. 

Exceptional leaders are teachers at heart and often by trade. They create a growth mindset culture of joyful accountability. 

We've had a MILLION tries at coming up with a workable definition for warm demander leader! Well, maybe not quite a million, but at least a HUNDRED. And we finally landed on this:

A warm demander is compassionate, constructive, and courageous. 

The Best Research Begins with Me-search
We like to say, the best research begins with me-search; some of the best work we do comes from solving our own problems and sharing the lessons with the world.  

Warm Demanders is founded on our me-search, filled with research, and full of doable strategies and tools. 

What we're really trying to say is that we eat our own cooking around here, and won't ask you to digest anything we haven't fully consumed ourselves. 

Danielle, Melody, and Aubrey
We're Danielle, Melody, and Aubrey, co-founders of Warm Demanders.

We're serial warm demanders, administrators, and adventurers.

We value warmth, productivity, selflessness, integrity, and of course, a lot of fun with friends, staff, and family!

We're grateful to have the chance to meet so many incredible leaders like you, who are choosing to lead authentically, instead of fitting squeezing into an archaic leadership style.

We hope you enjoy our story… 

How We Came Together 

Melody and Aubrey
Back in 2019, Melody and Aubrey connected on Twitter and we noticed our work was not only aligned but filled with the same keywords and phrases: simplify, clarify, amplify, encouragement, and many more! Melody joined Nohea Kindreds, a chill PLN of givers in Aubrey's Nohea company and we just kept surfacing more similarities in our leadership styles and the problems we loved solving for others.  

Conversations naturally turned to future goals and plans, and we found we had many of the same dreams to help people discover and uncover their leadership potential, while finding the flexibility for us to spend more time with our families as the kids were starting to leave the nest. 

Never did we imagine we'd be creating a business together in about a year later. 

Enter Danielle
Early in 2020, Danielle was attending the Future of Education Technology Conference in Miami Beach, where Aubrey was presenting with his business partner and friend, Lori from Nohea. Danielle began talking with Aubrey and Lori about collaborating on an efficiency course in Nohea, but soon were talking about much more than a course. 

(We love Lori! She's very busy building The School Secretary Club and The School Office in Nohea but you'll see her with us a lot, as she appears regularly in Warm Demander videos, and we closely partner with Nohea on productivity courses and resources.)

Danielle joined Nohea Kindreds around the same time Melody and Aubrey started talking about a business, and everything she was implementing at the district level aligned perfectly with everything Melody was doing as a principal.

Aubrey's warm demander coaching, with Nohea's menus and the Always Agenda, resonated with both Danielle and Melody. 

The three of us got together for the first time in June 2020 and started making plans.


We love to say, "when a warm demander shows up, something special is going to happen."

Well, we all knew we had found our people, and the ideas and the energy were overflowing!

We quickly created a timeline and visioning to make Warm Demanders Inc a reality. 

Things moved quickly and we registered our corporation in July 2020, with a goal to have a creative and impactful community ready to take on people like you in May 2021!

So here we are ... 

And we're just getting started.

Our mission is to inspire others to lead authentically as warm demanders and we have had a huge response before our website was even completed!

Has it all been smooth sailing? Nope! Our journey started in the depths of a pandemic and we haven't even been in the same videos or photos yet!

However, our journey has been filled with laughter, highly productive, fulfilling, and something we are excited to continue growing.

And it makes the whole thing that much cooler to all of us. 

We're planning Warm Demander masterminds in tropical spots for 2023 and the beach conversations are going to be that much more enjoyable because of the obstacles we've faced and the way we've smiled through them! 


Start YOUR Warm Demander Journey!

If our mission matches your vision for a better day, here are 3 ways to get more out of Warm Demanders:


Jump into one of our memberships, where there is something for all warm demanding leaders, whether you are leading with or without authority.


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Carve out more time to lead! Watch our social media and emails for quick tips for the productivity tools we use every day.

A lot of people talk about productivity and the shiny new apps. We know the apps. Apps are cool.

But you and your team should really dance with who ya brung ... if you're Google, we'll teach you to better use your Google tools, and if you're Microsoft, we'll teach you to be more productive with Microsoft.

Easy peasy.!