You Can Say That Again

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by Melody Stacy


Have you ever seen an old-timey, pioneer-style candle dipping demonstration? Or maybe you’re a modern-day DIYer who does this?

The steps go something like this: 1. Dip candle wick in melted wax. 2. Remove wick to let wax cool. 3. Repeat again and again and again and again… until wax is thick enough to make a candle.

Like a candle that can’t be lit until it’s been re-dipped many times, our communication as leaders isn’t effective until it’s repeated continually, creating enough layers to light the path towards clarity and commitment.

Communication isn’t a one-time event.

As leaders, we know the importance of communication. But we can often miss the importance repetition plays in being effective communicators.

Employee engagement surveys across the globe point to the regularity and dangers of under-communicating.

Has anyone ever left an organization because they were too clear on the purpose, or too committed to the collective goals?

Not that we’ve heard. But people do often leave because they feel out of the loop and don’t hear a compelling, cohesive vision they can contribute to.

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - George Bernard Shaw

Even if they don’t decide to leave, under-communicating means we’re missing out on significant opportunities for each of our team members to get on board and help rally and contribute to our cause.

Why do we do this? Possibly because our internal dialogue is crystal clear and we imagine that others have the same depth of understanding. Or maybe, after stating it a few times, we’re afraid of sounding like a broken record.

Adequate communication is abundant communication.

Being a broken record isn’t a bad thing when we’re communicating our mission.

When you are tired of saying it, people are starting to hear it. - Jeff Weiner

When we realize that repetition of our core pillars (mission, vision, core values, and goals) allows others to internalize and add their own layers, we begin to harness the power of iteration.

The next time you feel like a broken record, embrace it. And then put it on repeat.


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