Learn how to decrease information overwhelm and create time to lead!

Create a system that gets things out of your head, eliminates the feeling that you might be missing something, and turns stuff into usable information.


The course for education leaders who want to decrease information overwhelm and recapture the time to lead a remarkable culture.

Build a system to automatically gets things out of your head, eliminate the feeling that you could be missing something, and quickly filter all that stuff coming at you into usable information.

A lot of stuff coming at you from every direction? 


Feel like you’re always on


Wish you had time to go deeper with your people?


Unfortunately, these are very common frustrations that we hear from thousands of dedicated leaders like you.


That's why we created ...


Manage Hard, Lead Easy 



Can we really turn off our minds and be fully present in all parts of life without a system? Nope!

We have sequential minds in a world filled with parallel competing priorities. It isn’t going to get any easier with a well-intentioned supervisor telling you to "don't think about work" when you go home.

Ummm, you when I tell myself to stop thinking about something, I think about it more, right?!


Will a shiny new productivity app help? Nope, again!

Mindset is far more important than technology. Technology alone will just add more speed and volume to what you're already experiencing.

Starting with the right mindset and then making solid technology choices will help you avoid the frenzy of a beehive mentality! 🐝

Hmmm, I get this! I love bees, but I sure don't like buzzing around like one all day!

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Shannon is an incredibly warm and impactful principal and we're thrilled she's getting peace of mind when she heads home to her wonderful family!

"My weekly Friday morning meetings with myself are such a wonderful way to declutter my brain on the weekend. Spending 15 minutes on Friday mornings allows me peace of mind on the weekend, knowing what is coming up next week. This coupled with project inbox zero has helped me feel less bogged down on the weekend - what a great feeling!"

Redefine Organized

Declutter your mind with systems that capture and curate the best ideas of your team.

Increase Your Peace of Mind

Put your mind at ease knowing you will never forget your most compelling work and thoughts. 

Decrease the Overwhelm

No need for new apps and calendars. Use the right mindset with a simple, adaptable system. 

It's possible to be effectively doing

and happily being. 


Step 1: Register for the course that drips lessons every 7-14 days. (Lessons stay in your library for you to rewatch whenever you like!)

Step 2: Watch the videos for lesson 1 and prepare your blank canvas.  

Step 3: Take 1-2 weeks to create your new systems, and get ready to jump into the next lesson. Repeat 5 times.

Step 4Stay the course (pun intended!) for a couple of months to turn your new systems into fully ingrained habits!


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The Course Outline

In less than 8 weeks, you'll adapt and adopt these simple, practical, and very doable mindsets and strategies:

  • Inbox Zero (your email and your head!)
  • 2-Minute Rule
  • 2-Minute Rule to Capture, Curate, or Cache
  • Time Blocking and the Weekly Meeting with Myself
  • The Next Best Action rule for TTD, Time Blocks, and Email
  • The Next Best Action with Minutes and Time Blocks


Hi, I’m Aubrey

I’m a simplexity fanatic. I love turning the complex into simple and coaching those who are already very organized to be even more productive. I'm obsessed with helping leaders turn stuff into information, be truly present in every situation, and lead with clarity and kindness. 

My clients have found this to be life-changing.

This really works for me, because at this point in my life, my goal Is to make a deeper and more positive dent in our world. 

I’ve been a teacher, basketball coach, counselor, elementary principal, high school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. My happiest days now are spent coaching education and business leaders. I get my classroom fix as an adjunct professor teaching university leadership and edtech courses. 

I eat my own cooking. 😉 I'll never ask you to do something that I don't do myself. That said, I'm sure not going to sit here and tell you I've learned everything there is to know about simplicity and processes. I research and learn every day!

What I can promise is that if you give these strategies your best effort and adapt them to suit your style, you will see HUGE gains in how you spend your time and in the depth of your conversations.

We know you're busy ... that's why you're here! 


No assessments or running around necessary! Our courses use video lessons and downloads, just like this clip ...  


Watch and listen in our app!

Download our Kajabi app and watch and record your progress on the go!

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We can't wait to read about your favorites in the lesson comments too!

Organized Binder CEO Mitch on getting ideas out of our heads!

Of the many things Warm Demanders does well, productivity ranks high on the list. "When using these capture apps well, we are essentially outsourcing our memory." Brilliant!

Superintendent Trisha, who added the 2-minute and next best action rules to her already outstanding organization toolkit!

Love the 2-minute rule. I love to-do lists and really liked the idea of starting with a verb. Whether it is digital or on a sticky note, I'm going to reframe how I do my lists!

Superintendent Rhae-Ann paying lessons forward as a tour guide! 

I feel that time and efficiency have been gifted to me. Warm Demanders has allowed me to build my technology skills. I'm able to pass the lessons on to those I work with so everyone benefits. The process ensures I can be a tour guide who works elbow to elbow with staff as we learn together. We go farther when we go together and I appreciate the support from Warm Demanders as they have expertise in leadership, technology, and efficiencies.

Instructional Coach Telena scheduling time for serving and building relationships!

These time savers from Aubrey are so valuable! As a new instructional coach, I want so much to get the scheduling and time part right so that relationships will grow and flourish. I’m working on developing the habit of finding the verbs in emails and coordinating into the to-do feature on Outlook to increase productivity. Thank you for sharing wisdom about both techie and non-techie ways to save time! 😊

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