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Leading Dynamic Meetings

Are your faculty meetings filled with meeting déjà vu?

🤔 Didn't we talk about this last year?
🤔 Do we have to talk about this every year?

Do you have a system to capture the best ideas, even when they come at the most inopportune times?

Have you built a system of 1:1 meetings to provide clarity, remove obstacles, and nurture a growth mindset culture?


Learn impactful strategies, like building 12 months of one-stop shopping agendas and messaging protocols, to start leading dynamic meetings! 



There is so much we can do to capture great ideas and provide clarity in meetings! 

The universe seems to challenge us by surfacing the best new ideas at the most inopportune times. It can be an exercise in patience to mine the gold from such moments without derailing the necessary agenda or having the meeting run late. 

✔️ An easily implemented framework pairing web-based agenda templates with the right mindset will allow you to capture the best of your people and build an incredible culture!


What feeds meeting déjà vu?

Often, random ideas and individual questions come up in faculty meetings because it’s a teacher’s only opportunity to get clarity.

Most schools and districts don't have processes for the timely review of procedures, policies, and recurring events which leads to the same questions asked every year. 

✔️ The right strategies and one-stop shopping agendas can kick these feelings to the curb!

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Remove Obstacles

Use 1:1 meetings to surface questions that often come up in faculty meetings. 

Model Your Growth Mindset

Purposefully lead meetings that build clarity and honor growth mindset principles

Build Shared Knowledge

Clarity provides focus and is the antidote to complexity and uncertainty!

Start leading more impactful meetings today! 


Step 1: Register for the course that  has all of its lessons ready for you to enjoy. 

Step 2: Watch the 5 video lessons and download your templates.

Step 3: Adopt or adapt the new strategies to fit your situation.

Step 4Keep an eye out for future notifications as we add new strategies and templates!


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Leading Dynamic Meetings Course Outline


Lesson 1: Intentionality 

Lesson 2: One-Stop Shopping Agendas 

Lesson 3: The Faculty Meeting: Flipping 

Lesson 4: The Faculty Meeting: The Genius of AND

Lesson 5: Building a 1 to 1 System

Hi, I’m Aubrey

I’m a leadership and productivity coach. I'm obsessed with helping people to turn stuff into information, be truly present in every situation, and lead with clarity and kindness. 

My clients and I have found this to be life-changing, and at this point in my life, my goal Is to make a deeper and more positive dent in our world. 

I’ve been a teacher, basketball coach, counselor, elementary principal, high school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. My happiest days now are spent coaching education and business leaders and I get my teaching fix as an adjunct professor teaching university leadership courses. 

I eat my own cooking. 😉 I'll never ask you to do something that I don't do myself. That said, I'm sure not going to sit here and tell you I've learned everything there is to know about simplicity and processes. I research and learn every day!

What I can promise is that if you give these strategies your best effort and adapt them to suit your style, you will see HUGE gains in how you spend your time and the depth of your conversations.

We know you're busy ... that's why you're here! 


No assessments or running around necessary! Our courses use video lessons and downloads, just like this excerpt from the course! 

Oh ... and we are trying something different that will also save you time searching and creating things from scratch! We're going to grow this course over time and curate incredible meeting resources for you.

We'll notify you whenever we add lessons and downloads from other warm demanders!


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Shannon, Elementary Principal 

I love all of these meeting types! I was thinking a lot about them through the lens of the new people I will get to work with this year. I love that the types of meetings are coupled with examples and support for people!

Rommel, Head of Middle School

A simple agenda spreadsheet can allow for scheduling an idea with promise in a future faculty meeting. Regular brief 1:1 meetings can surface ideas and allow space for folks to be heard. There’s so much to learn!

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