10 Little Known

Tech Timesavers for Leaders 






10 Little Known Tech Timesavers 
  1. Chrome Tabs 1-9 with first and last being two most commonly used tabs

  2. Chrome Color Tabs Groups

  3. Chrome Settings On Startup (Cmd +,)

  4. Chrome Open up to 10 last closed tabs Ctrl(Cmmd)+Shift+T

  5. Google Calendar: Single Touch on D, W, M,1, 2, 3, C, and Q

  6. Excel and Sheets: Data Validation for Things-To-Do-Lists

  7. Other than Microsoft Copy and Paste Without Formatting: Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift+V

  8. Microsoft Copy and Paste Without Formatting: Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift+V+Option in MS

  9. Outlook for Web: Quickly Find a File

  10. Outlook and Gmail for Phone: Set Email to Swipe Archive/Delete

What's your time worth? 

In addition to the wonderful leadership tools we provide in our Warm Demander Communities, we offer a plethora of these tools. But remember ... hacks and apps impact your input-output ratio, BUT the right mindset impacts your input-output ratio AND your quality of life.


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